July 19, 2009

The Proposal

This isn't much of a review, since there isn't really a lot to be said about this sort of film. It's an incredibly predictable and generic romantic comedy. There isn't anything new or innovative here. It's just your average "chick flick" romantic comedy. It's a pretty average film in all ways, except one. Betty White. The old girl completely steals the show! She's currently my Best Supporting Actress of 2009. She's every bit as funny as she was on The Golden Girls. Also, Oscar Nunez from The Office is in the film. For my money, he can stay at Dunder Mifflin. He is just not funny here. Bullock and Reynolds are okay, but I never really believed the chemistry was there. Malin Akerman was completely wasted as Reynolds' ex-girlfriend. In my opinion, she should have played Bullock's role, and this might have been a great film. I adore Malin Akerman. She's extremely cute here, but looks a little different. I didn't recognize her at first. Anyway, she's a great and mind-bogglingly gorgeous actress who could well win an Oscar someday, and I hope she does, but she is completely wasted here. Craig T. Nelson and Mary Steenburgen adequately enough fill their roles, I suppose. Denis O'Hare is incredibly irritating as an INS weasel. The film isn't very well-written or directed. Those are completely generic as well. There's nothing terrible about this film, but nothing good apart from Betty White. 5/10



    Yeah, agree, though. Does absolutely nothing for the rom-com subgenre.

  2. MINA!!! YAY!!! You should totally subscribe. :)

    It really doesn't. It's just generic. It isn't awful, but it's certainly not good. It's more bad than good.

  3. good to hear you're a Betty White fan! didn't know Steenburgen was in this one, I do like her.

  4. I love all the Golden Girls.