July 15, 2009

Glenn Beck: A Domestic Terrorist

As this post's title says, Glenn Beck is truly a domestic terrorist. He's been cluttering our airwaves with his hate speech and severe mental issues for far too long. We must stop this man. I'm a defender of free speech, but the vile nonsense coming from this fascist pig's mouth is just complete violent hate, and nothing else. He's deranged. This is the man who said he hated the victims of 9/11 and their families. Pardon my language, but this man is a sick, sick bastard. That's the only way to put it, and even that misses the mark in terms of describing how loathsome this monster is. I am so angry because I just heard a clip of his radio show on YouTube, in which he screams nonsensically at a woman who is being perfectly reasonable about universal healthcare, which is something this country needs desperately. The woman states her opinions logically and calmly, and Beck goes completely, absolutely insane. Finally, the woman has enough of it and asks Beck "what the hell is your problem?". That's a great question. Glenn Beck, what the hell is your problem?

Here's that link. For the safety of your ears, keep the volume low. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Do not expose children to this.



  1. Well, I figured this would be controversial. No comments. :(

  2. you're an idiot

  3. Well, that's almost a sentence. Keep it up, trolly. You're just helping my blog out by commenting.